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Water Damaged Mobile Phones

What to do!!

-Remove battery immediately
-Cellphones dropped in salt water should be rinsed in normal water, and booked in for repair ASAP
-Contact us immediately for assistance

What not to do!!
-Do not insert the battery, this will cause more damage on the PCB
-Do not plug in the charger, this will really complicate the repair
-Do not dry your cellphone with a hair dryer, excessive heat may damage the outer housing and LCD
-Do not dry your phone in the microwave (yes, this actually happens)

Water Damaged iPhone?
If your iPhone  has been damaged by water or a liquid containing water (for example coffee, cool drink, beer or wine) the device is not covered by the Apple one year limited warranty or any other warranty for that matter. This can sometimes mean that you could have a device that is permanently damaged and uneconomical to repair. However, in more than 80% of the cases this need not be such a major problem.

Water damage cases are often complex and our success rate is on a case by case basis. We never know if we can bring the iPhone back to life or not until we are able to look at the device and try everything at our disposal. Sometimes it is just a good check for corrosion (and cleaning with chemicals) and sometimes one or more parts have failed and need to be replaced to get it back in working order. It is also necessary to remelt all the solder joints to prevent further corrosion and cracking of the solder.

In general, there is no way to evacuate moisture from an  iPhone effectively except by taking it apart. The is a lot of rubbish information on the web about drying out your device, but in reality the  iPhones are so well made that there is almost no way for the moisture to get out.

When the temperature of the device is raised to dry it out, what actually happens is that the water turns into a gas but remains inside the device. When the temperature is lowered again the gas returns to a liquid state. Since the iPhone is always lying on its back, water rolls off the top of the components on the logic board and down the RF shielding and collects either at the bottom of the soldered leads of the parts and on top if the surface mounted components.

This is when corrosion starts in the solder! And it starts immediately. The iphone's battery cannot be removed easily, which means it keeps on supplying power to the pcb. Liquid and corrosion will cause a short circuit, which will either damage the pcb, or the BGA components on the pcb. Once the corrosion starts it doesn't end until the device stops working permanently or someone opens it and cleans out all the contacts, which includes a chemical bath. The problem is that the corrosion (which is actually lead oxide) takes up more space than the original solder does so as the corrosion builds it actually lifts the surface mount components parts right off the logic board rendering the logic board useless. At the same time the wires in the ribbon connectors used to connect the hold/sleep/wake buttons, the LCD screen, the headphone jack,  and battery begin to corrode away.

The time aspect since immersion in the liquid makes a HUGE difference, but we will never know if the device can be made to work until it is taken apart. If you don't open the iPhone  up and dry, clean, and resolder it almost immediately (even though it seems to work afterward), it will merely stop working at some point in the future - and this is almost guaranteed.

Due to the amount of labour involved in attempting to return a water damaged device back to working order (opening, stripping,resoldering, re-assembling, testing etc) we charge R600 for water damage to an iPhone. If you we are not able to get your device back to working order, you only pay half the money. It is a small price to pay to have us go through and correct things as and insurance against its eventual death by leaving it to time and chance.

If the iPhone is either un-repairable or uneconomical to repair and we feel that it has some value to us then we will offer to buy it from you.

PLEASE NOTE: we cannot be held responsible for any damage what-so-ever if any of the above methods do not work to restore your device back to working order.
Even if your service provider returns your cellphone as BER due to liquid damage we can most likely repair your phone