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Fast Fix Mobile

Fast-Fix Mobile is a "high level" out of warranty repair centre for Apple products . We specialise in Mac repairs.

High level out of warranty repairs

What to do when spilling liquid on your device: 
  1. Disconnect your power supply/power cable/charger immediately.
  2. Switch off your machine (not standby or sleep mode)
  3. Do not attempt to reconnect power.
  4. Do not switch machine on.
  5. Contact us as soon as possible for advice and to book in your device.

Used Macbooks

Wide Variety to choose from

We all know expensive it can be to buy a brand new Macbook thus we offer the simple solution of buying a second hand one that is guaranteed to operate as if it were new.


Used Macbooks have a 6 month warranty on buying

Buy now!


We provide Repairs and Support on iPad & Mac at affordable prices. Our Technicians will provide you with all the information and advice you need.

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